Hormonal imbalances, why miss the mark?

Real solutions reside within customized care.-­‐-­‐I can help…

There are countless general-­‐formulation products manufactured and on the market today. Clever marketing and half-­‐fact information is often compelling and may seem logical, yet these products do not factor-­‐in contraindications to you pre-­‐existing conditions, interactions with medications, or hidden sources of allergies or reactions.

Customized care tailors formulations specifically for You and your unique picture of symptoms and medical history.

Your handcrafted organic, pure and biodynamic herbal medicines are freshly compounded (prepared) following detailed review of your history and current needs.

Herbal plant medicines are periodically re-­‐formulated, in response to your body’s needs, as symptoms improve, and as your progress of healing is closely monitored and adjusted for.

My goal is to assist you in getting to the root cause of imbalance – no just the symptoms – although we DO aim to provide relief of symptoms as we explore care of you as a whole person, not just a troublesome body system.

Why experiment and gamble with your health – missing the mark of healing – b random ‘trial and error’ approaches? This approach does require time, following the body’s natural endocrin (hormonal) cycles and rhythms, which is where true healing takes root.

This approach goes beyond finding an alternative to a chemical with something natural –we seek to dig deeply to find the ‘why’ so that we have options for the ‘how’.

I am with you every step of the way, supporting and helping you make sense of:

  • your symptoms and experiences
  • with new clinical studies and information,
  • with your queries, popular buzz-­‐words and trends in the news.

Transitioning off Medications Naturally

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