Supplements with uncertain results?

Get custom formulated biodynamic plant medicines for your individual needs.

General products sitting on store shelves for long periods of time, deteriorating under bright lights, can be:

  • less than pure,
  • adulterated with alternative plant materials to what is labeled,
  • bound to unnecessary ingredients, or from unverified and questionable sources.

At The Medical Herbalist Apothecary, I formulate and handcraft your herbal plant medicines in small, fresh batches.

You are likely aware of the challenges we face in this country for organic farming and environmental pollution, and this is a large part of why I import the majority of my bulk ingredients from overseas, where Genetically Modified seeds and foods are strictly banned, and highly toxic pesticides/chemicals are equally being firmly rejected.

Why? Unfortunately, we have wind currents that cross-­‐pollinate genetically modified plants with precious organic produce. Also, neighboring commercial farming chemicals and environmental pollutant run-­‐off contaminates the water system irrigating crops and small gardens, despite best efforts to contain them.

This is why I follow the journey of my plant medicines carefully, ensuring purity of plant materials and organic alcohol sources from farm to harvest. I affirm strict farming practices and environmental conditions of all of my herbs for medicinal use.

On occasion -­‐-­‐ with select, verified exceptions that I can wholly trust -­‐-­‐ I mindfully utilize a small amount of US-­‐sourced organic plants.

Your organic, fluid extract medicines are artisan handcrafted with organic alcohol and clean water, extracted in a globally-­‐exclusive manner.

This is an ancient Persian-­‐method of capturing the most dynamic spectrum of compounds within the plant materials possible. We capture the water-­‐soluble, fat-­‐ soluble and aromatic components in each extract, at the highest concentration for strength possible.

You won’t find this method of extraction anywhere on general store shelves today.

So, you are not merely getting a simple “field tincture” of soaked plants and pressed through cheesecloth; Rather, you are getting a highly specialized extract that exhausts each plant’s most complete composition for the most effective impact on your body’s healing, in the most efficient method of absorption.

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