Hormonal imbalances, why miss the mark?

Real solutions reside within customized care.-­‐-­‐I can help…

There are countless general-­‐formulation products manufactured and on the market today. Clever marketing and half-­‐fact information is often compelling and may seem logical, yet these products do not factor-­‐in contraindications to you pre-­‐existing conditions, interactions with medications, or hidden sources of allergies or reactions.

Customized care tailors formulations specifically for You and your unique picture of symptoms and medical history.

Your handcrafted organic, pure and biodynamic herbal medicines are freshly compounded (prepared) following detailed review of your history and current needs.

Herbal plant medicines are periodically re-­‐formulated, in response to your body’s needs, as symptoms improve, and as your progress of healing is closely monitored and adjusted for.

My goal is to assist you in getting to the root cause of imbalance – no just the symptoms – although we DO aim to provide relief of symptoms as we explore care of you as a whole person, not just a troublesome body system.

Why experiment and gamble with your health – missing the mark of healing – b random ‘trial and error’ approaches? This approach does require time, following the body’s natural endocrin (hormonal) cycles and rhythms, which is where true healing takes root.

This approach goes beyond finding an alternative to a chemical with something natural –we seek to dig deeply to find the ‘why’ so that we have options for the ‘how’.

I am with you every step of the way, supporting and helping you make sense of:

  • your symptoms and experiences
  • with new clinical studies and information,
  • with your queries, popular buzz-­‐words and trends in the news.

Transitioning off Medications Naturally

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Supplements with uncertain results?

Get custom formulated biodynamic plant medicines for your individual needs.

General products sitting on store shelves for long periods of time, deteriorating under bright lights, can be:

  • less than pure,
  • adulterated with alternative plant materials to what is labeled,
  • bound to unnecessary ingredients, or from unverified and questionable sources.

At The Medical Herbalist Apothecary, I formulate and handcraft your herbal plant medicines in small, fresh batches.

You are likely aware of the challenges we face in this country for organic farming and environmental pollution, and this is a large part of why I import the majority of my bulk ingredients from overseas, where Genetically Modified seeds and foods are strictly banned, and highly toxic pesticides/chemicals are equally being firmly rejected.

Why? Unfortunately, we have wind currents that cross-­‐pollinate genetically modified plants with precious organic produce. Also, neighboring commercial farming chemicals and environmental pollutant run-­‐off contaminates the water system irrigating crops and small gardens, despite best efforts to contain them.

This is why I follow the journey of my plant medicines carefully, ensuring purity of plant materials and organic alcohol sources from farm to harvest. I affirm strict farming practices and environmental conditions of all of my herbs for medicinal use.

On occasion -­‐-­‐ with select, verified exceptions that I can wholly trust -­‐-­‐ I mindfully utilize a small amount of US-­‐sourced organic plants.

Your organic, fluid extract medicines are artisan handcrafted with organic alcohol and clean water, extracted in a globally-­‐exclusive manner.

This is an ancient Persian-­‐method of capturing the most dynamic spectrum of compounds within the plant materials possible. We capture the water-­‐soluble, fat-­‐ soluble and aromatic components in each extract, at the highest concentration for strength possible.

You won’t find this method of extraction anywhere on general store shelves today.

So, you are not merely getting a simple “field tincture” of soaked plants and pressed through cheesecloth; Rather, you are getting a highly specialized extract that exhausts each plant’s most complete composition for the most effective impact on your body’s healing, in the most efficient method of absorption.

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What creates our imbalances is unique

to each of us…While we may share a diagnosis or collection of symptoms with many other people, we arrive at these experiences through different roads traveled.That is to say,we each have a unique blueprint or combination of genetic or familial backgrounds,age,gender,pre-existing conditions,lifestyles,habits,environmental exposures, intolerances, allergies, predispositions and other factors at the root cause of any imbalance.

No two people arrive at the imbalance quite the same way, and so the combination of herbal remedy and nutritional modifications must be tailored expressly to fit each of us.

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The Art & Physiology of Healing

Body: Interrupted.

First, we must look at where the normal, healthy physiology was disrupted in order to understand where we must focus the custom tailored herbal medicine formulations. The Central Nervous System (brain and its hormonal relay) coordinates and orchestrates all Endocrine (systemic hormonal) functions through every cell, of every tissue, of every organ system in the body. Basically, this is how we sustain Life, itself.

There is a healthy timing between the Adrenal, Reproductive, Thyroid and Pancreatic hormones and their functions as the hormonal output provides communication back to the brain for feedback and functional response. This central core of function and feedback sustains life, while at-rest and in-response to stimuli within the body and to external conditions (environment, relationships, moods/perceptions, metabolic needs, and many other factors).

In today’s world, there is this misconception of a utopia “in-balance” because true “balance” is the ability to respond and recover efficiently from stressors (essential functions, good stimuli and not-so-good stressors).

Many people feel an inadequacy or pressure to find this elusive concept of balance, when the truth is that balance is achieved when the body can sustain the need to respond to stress, to live life with gusto and sustain proper immune function in a dynamic, changeable, and ever-demanding life.

Balance is: A dynamic and fluid process of efficient, moment-to-moment adaptation to sustain normal function. What you receive with my approach to Herbal Medicine is what the body needs to balance itself. We put the hormonal resource “funds” back into the cellular/tissue “bank”. Disruption of body functions and illness occurs when this timing and coordination of the Neuro-Endocrine-Immune physiology is compromised, and while healthy lifestyle habits are essential to re-establish in recovery, there are times when that simply is not enough to re-set the system. That is precisely what I am here to help you with.

No handfuls of nauseating, questionably-sourced, adulterated & mass-formulated supplement pills. Rather than guesswork by store clerks who know a few buzz-words and seemingly-sensible marketing of gimmicks, how about this: Freshly compounded, organic and biodynamic whole plant medicines, tailored to precisely where your body requires care; Re-formulated as your body recovers and normalizes.

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