Fragile capillaries, Easy bruising, Blood pressure management, Improved circulation, Raynaud’s Syndrome, Lymphoedema, General oedema, Ascites

Initial examinations are scheduled for 60-90 minutes, where a detailed case and relevant medical history are established. Laboratory reports and current medications are reviewed in order to establish a suitable approach. Recommendations will be discussed, along with relevant measures such as nutritional and lifestyle modifications. Medicines are then hand-prepared specifically for your needs. Follow-up appointments will be made to closely monitor your progress.

Medicines taken internally may include fluid extracts, water preparations from dried herbs, herb syrups/juices, and guidance with food as medicine. Recommendations for external applications may include cremes, ointments, oils, washes, compresses, gargles, etc.

Organically grown and ecologically harvested herbs are used exclusively; This reduces exposure to unnecessary, unhealthy chemicals and residues being introduced into the body.

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