Hang Out Your Shingle

Reflections “Hang out your shingle, Tami.” This is what my beautiful Mom giggled to me, upon my hanging up the phone after the countless (seemingly, endless!) conversations with friends, as a teenager. It seemed to be the emerging signature upon my journey in life, to be ever-­-lending a mindful ear, compassionately inspired perspectives and clever analogies (from where they came was a total mystery to me at the time!), to make sense of the human experience we call Life. Those childhood conversations translated into a livelihood that profoundly relies on this interpersonal exchange.

Combining my ability to blend the intuitive with scientific worlds -­–­-and a fascination with getting to the very bottom of a mystery-­–­- to make more sensible understanding of our physical challenges, is where my work in Healing is sourced. Like a modern-­-day Sherlock Holmes, I am a Listener and keen Observer. I mind the details and explore the subtle bits of any story, guided like a detective’s unquenchable thirst for piecing all of these bits into a deeper understanding of the bigger picture. “Knowledge Is Power” -­–­-a theme from my favorite childhood educational series, Schoolhouse Rock, has become part of my purpose to empower others with knowledge for their wellbeing. It took me quite some time (through great angst!) in clarifying “my story” to share with you, for how I got into what I “do”.

More importantly, I wished to express how deeply-­-seated this Life’s Work is to my very Being. There is no greater “high” than what I feel during the connection of patient care, and being of-­-service. Over time, it became clear that I had to look back far-­-beyond my years of University studies, and find a way to describe how this is more than just a career or livelihood. This is who I am and my purpose. It is a channel to how I may assist Others to live their most productive lives, and support others’ abilities to contribute their part to the Greater Collective.

The tagline for my original practice is “The Art and Physiology of Healing” because we can hold the hard facts of science, but every one of us is unique in our medical history and the combination of factors that creates our imbalances. Regardless of individuals sharing a similar diagnosis, the roads our minds/bodies have taken to get there and the condition of our vehicles are vastly different from one another. So, I cannot deny the intuitive ‘art’ in connecting to individuals that contributes to how we make sense between the science, the imbalance and its most effective remedy.

Our entire physiology is mechanical, electrical, chemical, emotional and energetic in-­- nature. My greatest gift to You is taking-­-in every related (and seemingly unrelated!) detail.. assembling them within timelines and conventional diagnostics.. bringing them full-­-circle with progressive, alternative, and complementary philosophies.. and methodically supporting the body to heal itself. Sometimes we work alongside your conventional practitioners, and sometimes we work independently. We walk together with active exchange, to help you make sense of your experiences and tailor the remedies to the collective of subtle (and not-­-so-­-subtle!) factors for real-­-life results.

Curiously enough, just as I was on the phone through my teen years consulting with childhood friends, I am fulfilled and affirmed to see the parallels in patient care through sharing my gifts of insights and perspectives by-­-phone. It has all come full-­-circle, as Life tends to be in many instances along the way. In the professional world, we are told “Its just business, don’t take it personally.” Truth is, I do take it personally.

I am able to put myself in someone else’s “shoes” to see and feel things through their eyes, and this guides my formulations in compounding herbal medicines just as much as the hard-­-core medical science for the concerns brought to my care. It is Compassion. It is Empathy. It is my soul’s purpose to be a part of your deep healing. There is simply no other way for me, than to take it personally. On that note, this is what it means for me, Tami, your Medical Herbalist; At your most humble service for your best life now and in your journey ahead. xx

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