Hormonal imbalances, why miss the mark?

Real solutions reside within customized care.-­‐-­‐I can help…

There are countless general-­‐formulation products manufactured and on the market today. Clever marketing and half-­‐fact information is often compelling and may seem logical, yet these products do not factor-­‐in contraindications to you pre-­‐existing conditions, interactions with medications, or hidden sources of allergies or reactions.

Customized care tailors formulations specifically for You and your unique picture of symptoms and medical history.

Your handcrafted organic, pure and biodynamic herbal medicines are freshly compounded (prepared) following detailed review of your history and current needs.

Herbal plant medicines are periodically re-­‐formulated, in response to your body’s needs, as symptoms improve, and as your progress of healing is closely monitored and adjusted for.

My goal is to assist you in getting to the root cause of imbalance – no just the symptoms – although we DO aim to provide relief of symptoms as we explore care of you as a whole person, not just a troublesome body system.

Why experiment and gamble with your health – missing the mark of healing – b random ‘trial and error’ approaches? This approach does require time, following the body’s natural endocrin (hormonal) cycles and rhythms, which is where true healing takes root.

This approach goes beyond finding an alternative to a chemical with something natural –we seek to dig deeply to find the ‘why’ so that we have options for the ‘how’.

I am with you every step of the way, supporting and helping you make sense of:

  • your symptoms and experiences
  • with new clinical studies and information,
  • with your queries, popular buzz-­‐words and trends in the news.

Transitioning off Medications Naturally

Supplements with uncertain results?

Get custom formulated biodynamic plant medicines for your individual needs.

General products sitting on store shelves for long periods of time, deteriorating under bright lights, can be:

  • less than pure,
  • adulterated with alternative plant materials to what is labeled,
  • bound to unnecessary ingredients, or from unverified and questionable sources.

At The Medical Herbalist Apothecary, I formulate and handcraft your herbal plant medicines in small, fresh batches.

You are likely aware of the challenges we face in this country for organic farming and environmental pollution, and this is a large part of why I import the majority of my bulk ingredients from overseas, where Genetically Modified seeds and foods are strictly banned, and highly toxic pesticides/chemicals are equally being firmly rejected.

Why? Unfortunately, we have wind currents that cross-­‐pollinate genetically modified plants with precious organic produce. Also, neighboring commercial farming chemicals and environmental pollutant run-­‐off contaminates the water system irrigating crops and small gardens, despite best efforts to contain them.

This is why I follow the journey of my plant medicines carefully, ensuring purity of plant materials and organic alcohol sources from farm to harvest. I affirm strict farming practices and environmental conditions of all of my herbs for medicinal use.

On occasion -­‐-­‐ with select, verified exceptions that I can wholly trust -­‐-­‐ I mindfully utilize a small amount of US-­‐sourced organic plants.

Your organic, fluid extract medicines are artisan handcrafted with organic alcohol and clean water, extracted in a globally-­‐exclusive manner.

This is an ancient Persian-­‐method of capturing the most dynamic spectrum of compounds within the plant materials possible. We capture the water-­‐soluble, fat-­‐ soluble and aromatic components in each extract, at the highest concentration for strength possible.

You won’t find this method of extraction anywhere on general store shelves today.

So, you are not merely getting a simple “field tincture” of soaked plants and pressed through cheesecloth; Rather, you are getting a highly specialized extract that exhausts each plant’s most complete composition for the most effective impact on your body’s healing, in the most efficient method of absorption.

Frequently Asked


Herbal Medicine, also known as Phytotherapy, is the use of plants and whole plant products for their medicinal healing properties in the resolution of disease and maintenance of well-being. It is the oldest system of medicine known, and used extensively throughout the world. The World Health Organization recognizes and continues to act in the preservation and promotion of traditional herbal medicine because of its safety, efficacy, and affordability. With the advancement of science, we are able to identify and understand the chemical constituents and activities that contribute to plants’ healing powers, and so combining this new knowledge with ancient wisdom in their application.


Qualified Medical Herbalists are highly trained in much of the same examination skills as conventional medicine practitioners, but take a more holistic approach to addressing short and long-term illness. Ultimately, the underlying cause of a problem is sought, identified, and addressed, not just the symptoms alone. Herbalists use plants and whole plant products to restore balance to the body, support immune competency, improve resistance to stress, and increase general vitality.
Herbal Medicine is safe and effective on its own, or integrated with conventional treatments. It can take a primary or supportive role in healing and well-being.


Many people seek to reduce or eliminate the need for pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medications, because of their variable and undesirable side effects. Qualified herbalists know when a condition can be helped solely with herbs and nutrition, and when treatment is best integrated with a physician’s attention. A multitude of conditions that individuals may take to their doctors can be addressed with herbal medicine, on its own or in tandem with conventional medicine.


Initial examinations are scheduled for 60-90 minutes, where a detailed case and relevant medical history are established. Laboratory reports and current medications are reviewed in order to establish a suitable approach. Recommendations will be discussed, along with relevant measures such as nutritional and lifestyle modifications. Medicines are then hand-prepared specifically for your needs. Follow-up appointments will be made to closely monitor your progress.

Medicines taken internally may include fluid extracts, water preparations from dried herbs, herb syrups/juices, and guidance with food as medicine. Recommendations for external applications may include cremes, ointments, oils, washes, compresses, gargles, etc.

Organically grown and ecologically harvested herbs are used exclusively; This reduces exposure to unnecessary, unhealthy chemicals and residues being introduced into the body.


Call 908.432.2990 or Email info@medicalherbalistapothecary.com to schedule your visit or phone consultation. Office is located on 17 Mendham Road, Suite 400 Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey 07934.


“Tami has been a godsend. Suffering from late stage Lyme disease, her care was an essential part of my recovery. Unlike many of her peers, Tami has a strong academic background which made me much more comfortable in seeking her care. Tami offered a thoughtful and well thought out regimen to work with my traditional medical practitioners.”
— Eric, Somerset County, NJ

“I just wanted to write in to Tami to let her know how fantastic her services were. I underwent a second fat transfer surgery and used her customized herbal medicine blend both before and after surgery. My first surgery, I had a lot of bruising that lasted 2 weeks. After using these products, I had no bruising whatsoever. My swelling only lasted 3-4 days and people say how refreshed and well-rested I look. Another bonus was that my energy level was higher than usual, it felt good taking those herbal medicines. Finally, I had no pain and didn’t even need the prescribed pain killer after surgery. I love the results, I loved that there was no bruising and would recommend this service to anyone thinking about getting plastic surgery.”
— Saideh Shemirani, San Diego, CA

“I can’t say enough good things about Tami. I was referred to her by my plastic surgeon before I had a fat transfer early this fall and I’ve kept her close ever since our first conversation. She’s FANTASTIC. Smart, sweet, easy to speak to, timely, honest. I had three things I wanted her help with: limit the swelling in my face post-procedure, get rid of my eczema without steroid creams, and help balance my hormones so I can hopefully conceive over the next year so. It is now December and Tami has successfully helped all three happen for me. My surgery was a complete success, the disappearance of my eczema after only a few weeks was like magic, and what I thought would take at least a few months of trying… (conception) ended up only taking my first month of ovulation. She’s like a wizard!
And the best part of it all is she isn’t putting anything synthetic in your body — it’s all natural. I hope more people start turning to this type of practice of medicine. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you, Tami!”
— Sara S., Los Angeles, CA

“In 2009, I started getting weird purple/black spots on my torso – I would literally wake up in the morning with a new spot averaging about 2 inches. I was totally freaking out and started seeing my doctor to help me.
Well, this started a spiral of various creams and tests to figure out what and why these spots were popping up on my torso.
After approx 6 months of bouncing between my family doctor and a dermatologist with no improvement, I took the advice from my Mom (who lives in the Bahamas) to find a natural way to support the healing of the unexplained spots. After researching on the internet, I came across Sundance Wellness/Medical Herbalist Apothecary and was very moved to contact Tami to get help. I started seeing Tami and immediately loved her personality, her concern and knowledge of herbal medicine treatments. Within a month of seeing her and regularly taking my herbal medicine, there was significant improvement and my spots finally began fading. I was so happy that it was all getting better! Thank you Tami for all that you have done for me!”
— Nicole L., Stylist/Make-up Artist, NYC

“I found Tami Bronstein, of Sundance Wellness/Medical Herbalist Apothecary, in 2003 when my husband and I were eager to conceive our first child. We had been actively trying to conceive for about a year prior, unsuccessfully. Our effort and frustration was complicated by the announcement that my husband’s Marine unit was deploying for a year. That year turned into eighteen months, so by the end of his deployment we knew we didn’t want to wait any longer to have a child in our family. I contacted Tami several months prior to my husband’s return in order to regulate my periods and optimize the likelihood of conceiving.
I was impressed and comforted by Tami’s professional, multidimensional approach. At my initial consultation in July of 2003, Tami took a full medical, diet & lifestyle and personal history, considering the traditional medical approaches that my husband and I had undergone, such as invasive reproductive assessments and blood values. Before the end of my appointment, Tami educated me about my body systems and dysfunctions, and recommended various ways that I could easily adjust my diet, exercise and lifestyle immediately, while I waited for Tami to formulate herbal remedies in the days that followed my initial consultation. When I received my herbal remedies,Tami provided me with specific, comprehensive instructions for taking them and was available to answer questions and support throughout my treatment. I noticed differences in my menstrual cycle within the month that followed taking the remedies.
Within the two months following my husband’s return home, we conceived making Thanksgiving 2003 even more poignant and exciting- after years of wanting a pregnancy, we were able to make that joyous announcement to our family and friends around our Thanksgiving table. Now, we give thanks everyday — not just on Thanksgiving — for our beautiful, healthy boy (now 6 years old) and the help that Tami – of Sundance Wellness/Medical Herbalist Apothecary – provided to me on our journey to conception.”
— Rachael B., Brick NJ

“Tami is a truly wonderful soul, very caring and down to earth. She will make every effort, using her tremendous knowledge to help you heal.”
— Richard Freeman, MS, Corporate Services, Hillsborough, NJ

“Tami’s approach to my overall well-being played an essential role in my battle with [Hodgkin’s lymphoma] cancer. Her depth of knowledge combining real-world medical understanding with a passion for finding the natural option, together with her willingness to fully understand the individual, is what makes her so unique. She adapted my treatment in response to the changing effects the chemotherapy had on my body, thus allowing me to continue with my life and my work unabated. In the summer of 2013 I traveled the world performing shows with Def Leppard. I’m certain that I couldn’t have done that without Tami’s help.”
— Vivian Campbell, Guitarist/Musician/Songwriter, Def Leppard (Rock band), Los Angeles, CA

“I love this woman and what she does… I am proud to say that I was one of her first patients many years ago. Thanks Tami!”
— Rachael K., Brick, NJ via Facebook

“…its changed my life. I’m traveling all over Europe with [the herbal medicine] right now.. it’s the Best!”
— Moxie Raia, Capitol Records Recording Artist, Los Angeles, CA

“This is one of my high school classmates, Tami Bronstein. For those of you who know, she put together a mixture for me last year that helped me with the stress and anxiety I was dealing with. She didn’t just treat the symptoms but was able to get to the root cause. I highly recommend her services. Even though she is in NJ she can consult with you by phone.
— via Facebook — Pam S., Coral Springs, FL

“For anyone who has had to watch a child or a loved one suffer you are a member of a club that no-one cares to join. Our son has had a very long and chronic battle with Lymes disease. First diagnosed at 6, he is now 22. We managed his disease for years with lengthy stints of antibiotics. But a cure seemed unattainable. The fix was always temporary. It all came to a terrible and frightening head a year and a half ago when Bobby developed a blood clot caused by yet another pic line placed in his arm. For us, this was the tipping point and the realization that conventional antibiotic treatment was definitely not making the situation any better. We had to search for other options.
Just by chance I bumped into someone who knew about our son, and who also suffers from Lymes. She gave me Tami’s name and number and begged me to call. She felt Tami had saved her life. I made the call and we have never looked back. Tami took a detailed account of Bobby’s history and all his symptoms. She had a wonderful way of convincing our son that with the help of using custom formulated herbal supplements and watching his diet more carefully, that he could reboot his own immune system. Bobby has been loyal to her program and feels he has truly gotten his life back. After three months under her care, he began to notice the changes. Our son is a lacrosse player for a highly competitive Division I program. Last year Lyme disease robbed him of his ability to play and he was forced to red-shirt.
This year he is back on the field and is having an incredible season. The coaches can’t believe the transformation. We never thought we’d see this day. We are more grateful than I can express that our paths crossed with Tami!”
— Tracy B. Atlantic Highlands, NJ

“I had suffered with eczema on my eyelids for close to 9 years. I saw a dermatologist and was placed on steroid cream. The steroid cream simply kept the eczema mildly under control, and as soon as I would stop using it within 2 days the eczema would flare up again.
There are many side effects to the steroid cream ~I couldn’t continue to use it long term~ and without using it, I was miserable.
I had heard about Tami and decided to see her for a consultation for my skin problem.
My consultation with Tami was an excellent experience. She took the time to get a very detailed medical history from me, and in talking with her about things, I also told her I had been experiencing some anxiety and insomnia.
Tami treated my eczema, anxiety and insomnia with an herbal mixture that I would take twice a day, along with some advice on diet changes, and a few supplements to add to my diet.
Within 1 week on the herbs I saw an improvement in my eczema, and I was sleeping better and less anxious.
After my full course of treatment my eczema was completely gone and it has never come back. My anxiety and insomnia were also greatly improved.
I would highly recommend seeking herbal medicine treatment for any medical condition you are experiencing. I am so happy that I did, it greatly changed my life for the better.”
— Melissa Santora, Registered Nurse, S.Plainfield, NJ

“Tami is a special person in many ways. She was the only person who wanted to hear my whole medical history before any recommendations. No other doctor wanted to know all of that, especially since mine is so long and complicated. I have late-stage Lyme Disease, Celiac Disease and also suffer from chronic nerve pain due to poor dental work and repeated bone surgeries.
I now have permanent nerve damage in my face following these surgeries, which is extremely painful and consumes my energy. I was a Retirement Planner before I became incapacitated, and used to tell people all the time that they had a better chance of becoming disabled than dying young. Never did I think I would become disabled, but I did. Tami has helped with my pain, and the side-effects that come with the prescription medications we are working to reduce. She is non-judgmental, very caring and kind. I look forward to continue working with her in the future and helping me battle my very complicated health struggles. I have complete confidence in her abilities. I was also impressed with her credentials and extensive knowledge about my concerns!”
— Dawn O’Malley, Nashville, TN

“From my personal experiences with Tami’s help, I have had nothing but successes. Early-on, I suffered from GERD and almost constant ‘heart-burn’ that Tami virtually cured with natural herbs and extracts! It wasn’t resolved ‘overnight’ but with a plan of treatment, I started out with conventional medicines that only seemed to mask the problem temporarily. After following Tami’s recommended remedies, my symptoms disappeared permanently! Then, in 2004, Tami helped me with supportive herbs while I underwent treatment for Leukemia. Her understanding of primary and supportive care helped me achieve total remission with my medical treatment. As I continue with her recommendations, I remain in remission. I have learned much about the positive values of Herbal Medicine and support for health while in Tami’s care.”
— MB, Middlesex County, NJ

“Tami is nothing short of a miracle worker. Not only was she an absolute pleasure to speak with and do business with, but her personalized herbal mixture did the trick. I had suffered from nerve pain, especially at night, and I did not want to continue taking prescription pain medication due to its harmful side effects. After taking her mixture as directed, the pain subsided to the equivalent of a prescription pain medication. Her services aren’t simply making herbal mixtures; she also explains and recommends which foods to avoid and which foods to consume to help with the issue trying to be resolved. I have learned so much from Tami and she has helped me a great deal, it is a bonus that she is a friend now too. I have and do highly recommend her services to anyone.”
— Jayme Eber, Clinical Therapist, E. Windsor, NJ

“You really have saved me from a life of fatigue! Seriously. I have so much going on in my life right now: mom with Alzheimer’s, more job responsibility, International travel, new beau. If I felt *this* year the way I did at this time *last* year [before Herbal Medicine care], I would never be able to get through all that is going on! I am amazed at the difference between last fall and this fall. I was practically in tears every day from exhaustion. Fall is my busiest time at work! But this year I’m tackling everything head on!”
— Mary J., Specialty Gourmet Foods Consultant, New York City

“Tami, You are Pure Talent, woman! Thank you!”
—Jen B., Environmental and Animal Activist, Los Angeles, CA

“Tami, Thanks for taking all of the sadness out of my life. My body and mind are still feeling the energy after your treatment! [It is something] I will never forget, it was the greatest.”
—Steve, Falmouth, MA

What Can You Expect?

Initial examinations are scheduled for 60-90 minutes, where a detailed case and relevant medical history are established. Laboratory reports and current medications are reviewed in order to establish a suitable approach. Recommendations will be discussed, along with relevant measures such as nutritional and lifestyle modifications. Medicines are then hand-prepared specifically for your needs. Follow-up appointments will be made to closely monitor your progress.

Medicines taken internally may include fluid extracts, water preparations from dried herbs, herb syrups/juices, and guidance with food as medicine. Recommendations for external applications may include cremes, ointments, oils, washes, compresses, gargles, etc.

Organically grown and ecologically harvested herbs are used exclusively; This reduces exposure to unnecessary, unhealthy chemicals and residues being introduced into the body.

Call 908.915.1998 or Email Tami at tami@medicalherbalistapothecary.com to schedule your visit or phone consultation.

Tami’s Bio

Greetings! My name is Tami Bronstein, and I am a UK-qualified Medical Herbalist.

My greatest purpose, in life, is to be of-service in assisting you.

Alternative and Integrative Medicine is my vehicle, so that you may, in-turn, pursue your own life path for creating and connecting, with passion and vital energy.

My work & career.

It began in the Health & Fitness realm with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, from Hofstra University (New York). I knew I believed in the healing powers of movement and breath, and that I could not work in a conventional 9-5 atmosphere, after a childhood enjoying the world of dance, theater and performing arts.

I became a consultant for corporate & hospital wellness programs, private health clubs, and taught as Adjunct Faculty at a local community college for several years.

After a couple of years post-grad, I ventured into the world of pain & rehabilitative therapies through Certifications in NeuroMuscular, Myofascial, Osteopathic & Joint mobilization techniques.

I realized early-on that my interests in Herbal Medicine since high school could help the people in my care, yet, many were on a wide array of prescription medications for extensive medical concerns. So, in 1998, I was accepted into the Bachelor of Science program for Herbal Medicine at the University of Wales/College of Phytotherapy (East Sussex, England, UK).

The adventure overseas had begun!

Graduating with Honours in 2003, I opened my Apothecary in Highland Park, New Jersey.

Of course, the formal education didn’t stop there. In 2008, I returned to the UK for post-graduate study at Middlesex University in London. I began ongoing work-study with medical doctors of Paris, France in their groundbreaking work with the NeuroEndocrine approach to patient assessment, utilizing plant medicine remediation.

Since that time, my philosophy and approach to healing would never be the same again!

Along the way, I traveled extensively providing in-home and on-location treatments, including care for A-list Artists in the Music Industry and called-in for Live Nation concert events. Going on-tour with a few of them to provide ongoing care was most certainly a highlight along the way, with experiences of a lifetime.

Admittedly, I had to pinch myself a few times.

Being on the road, I helped many back and forth between New Jersey and Los Angeles, to provide care. Travel, as you know, can be quite exhausting and compromise our ability to be at our best. It was time to be grounded, tune-into the depths of science and intuition, and be more efficient.

I can most certainly relate to anyone challenged by jet lag and fatigue!

In 2011, I finally opened up to assisting individuals by-phone so that I could provide the best possible care from my Apothecary. I formulate and compound custom hand-crafted, organic, fresh, whole plant extracts right here for you.

No pills on a shelf, with unnecessary ingredients.

No two people get the same formulas, even if they share similar diagnostics.


Your Medical History is unique to You. Shouldn’t your care of it be tailored to you, as well?

Thank heavens for Mom & Dad. They believed in me every step of the way through my pursuit of formal education in these ‘alternative’ methods of healthcare, long before mainstream understood and accepted its value and efficacy.

It has been a long yet fulfilling journey. Being amongst the very few of us in Herbal Medicine qualified at this level in medical sciences, I am here to share with you all that I possibly can for your best care.

Here for You as your Primary Care or coordinated as an Integrative role amongst conventional approaches.

I am here for You. Give me a jingle or send me a note. Whenever you are ready, in your own timing.

That said… why wait?

Other bits of me

I was born and raised in New Jersey. I still live and work from New Jersey.

(yes, New Jersey!)

Sharing my perspectives and reflections in this road-trip of Life on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr is a personal pastime; Photography has been a childhood passion…

PBS and Masterpiece Theater is an obsession for me, and Sunday would not feel complete without the Nature Scene at the end of enjoying the Sunday Morning Show on CBS with a steaming-hot cup of organic coffee.

I think that about covers it, for now. Afterthoughts are my nemesis. You’ll find them all on social media.

Thank you for taking the time to stroll through my neighborhood, where all my links reside!

Hang Out Your Shingle

Reflections “Hang out your shingle, Tami.” This is what my beautiful Mom giggled to me, upon my hanging up the phone after the countless (seemingly, endless!) conversations with friends, as a teenager. It seemed to be the emerging signature upon my journey in life, to be ever-­-lending a mindful ear, compassionately inspired perspectives and clever analogies (from where they came was a total mystery to me at the time!), to make sense of the human experience we call Life. Those childhood conversations translated into a livelihood that profoundly relies on this interpersonal exchange.

Combining my ability to blend the intuitive with scientific worlds -­–­-and a fascination with getting to the very bottom of a mystery-­–­- to make more sensible understanding of our physical challenges, is where my work in Healing is sourced. Like a modern-­-day Sherlock Holmes, I am a Listener and keen Observer. I mind the details and explore the subtle bits of any story, guided like a detective’s unquenchable thirst for piecing all of these bits into a deeper understanding of the bigger picture. “Knowledge Is Power” -­–­-a theme from my favorite childhood educational series, Schoolhouse Rock, has become part of my purpose to empower others with knowledge for their wellbeing. It took me quite some time (through great angst!) in clarifying “my story” to share with you, for how I got into what I “do”.

More importantly, I wished to express how deeply-­-seated this Life’s Work is to my very Being. There is no greater “high” than what I feel during the connection of patient care, and being of-­-service. Over time, it became clear that I had to look back far-­-beyond my years of University studies, and find a way to describe how this is more than just a career or livelihood. This is who I am and my purpose. It is a channel to how I may assist Others to live their most productive lives, and support others’ abilities to contribute their part to the Greater Collective.

The tagline for my original practice is “The Art and Physiology of Healing” because we can hold the hard facts of science, but every one of us is unique in our medical history and the combination of factors that creates our imbalances. Regardless of individuals sharing a similar diagnosis, the roads our minds/bodies have taken to get there and the condition of our vehicles are vastly different from one another. So, I cannot deny the intuitive ‘art’ in connecting to individuals that contributes to how we make sense between the science, the imbalance and its most effective remedy.

Our entire physiology is mechanical, electrical, chemical, emotional and energetic in-­- nature. My greatest gift to You is taking-­-in every related (and seemingly unrelated!) detail.. assembling them within timelines and conventional diagnostics.. bringing them full-­-circle with progressive, alternative, and complementary philosophies.. and methodically supporting the body to heal itself. Sometimes we work alongside your conventional practitioners, and sometimes we work independently. We walk together with active exchange, to help you make sense of your experiences and tailor the remedies to the collective of subtle (and not-­-so-­-subtle!) factors for real-­-life results.

Curiously enough, just as I was on the phone through my teen years consulting with childhood friends, I am fulfilled and affirmed to see the parallels in patient care through sharing my gifts of insights and perspectives by-­-phone. It has all come full-­-circle, as Life tends to be in many instances along the way. In the professional world, we are told “Its just business, don’t take it personally.” Truth is, I do take it personally.

I am able to put myself in someone else’s “shoes” to see and feel things through their eyes, and this guides my formulations in compounding herbal medicines just as much as the hard-­-core medical science for the concerns brought to my care. It is Compassion. It is Empathy. It is my soul’s purpose to be a part of your deep healing. There is simply no other way for me, than to take it personally. On that note, this is what it means for me, Tami, your Medical Herbalist; At your most humble service for your best life now and in your journey ahead. xx